Joshua Read by Joshua Read

Creative Director

September 8th, 2015

Don't be scared of a re-brand!

The branding of your company is like the heart and soul of it, so why would you ever bother to rebrand it? You're business is reasonably successful with your current branding, why go through the effort of creating something new? Sounds like a waste of time and sounds costly? For some companies I would say yes if they are an established brand, however even then established brands rebrand themselves, a prime example right now is Google, one of the largest brands in the world. But I am going to concentrate on small to medium businesses.

Why, as a small business owner, should I rebrand my company?

Let us take 2 different scenarios;

  1. You have been trading as a company for 6 years now, you are using the logo you created for yourself from day 1, created on a program (usually word) which shouldn't be used for logo creation. It is now starting to look dated, and frankly makes your company seem smaller and less prestigious than it is. You are approached by a design company to rebrand your company, you decline and you carry on without taking the risk of changing your image. So the potential for new clients decreases significantly.
  2. In this scenario, you don't decline the chance of a rebrand from the design company, they produce some new concepts for your company which will take your business to a new level, and in the long run create more business for yourself. You then choose a concept you love, you rebrand your company, and you reinvent yourself. This reinvention is what gets new clients excited about your business, as many will think you are a new business and will want to use you. You will then inform your existing client base, which will again get them excited about your company, meaning potential for more business.

I am not saying all businesses need a rebrand, but in many cases to freshen up your branding can make a hell of a difference. Here at Prime, we specialise in rebranding SME's at prices which won't break your bank, we believe every business deserves an excellent brand image as it creates loyalty!

And at the end of the day all a business wants is loyalty as it creates repeat business, and gets people talking about your company!

Stay creative! You never know when you might need to be!

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